Aaron Longhofer

Aaron Longhofer resides in Paloma Creek on the 380 Corridor. Aaron hails from Emporia, Ks and has a background in subcontracting and telecommunications. Aaron is a journeyman plasterer and former Trustee for Local 96 out of Topeka, Ks. Aaron received his AABA in Human Resources Management from American Intercontinental University in 2008. He worked for Birch Communications as a Telephone and Internet Services Lead/Trainer from 2009-2015.

Most recently Aaron has been called to Texas to work with Alpha Omega Insurance to provide customers with affordable coverage and maximum protection. Aaron and his fiancée Heidi are enjoying raising their boys Jonathan and David here in North Texas. They have found the people to be most welcoming. Aaron looks forward to providing you with complete coverage at very competitive rates. Whether protecting your family home or your small business, Aaron and Alpha Omega Insurance have you covered.