COVID-19 Response

Valued Alpha Omega Clients:

Alpha Omega Insurance Agency is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and we continue to keep a close eye on what our partner carriers are doing to help existing clients.

Many of our carriers have offered billing flexibility including postponing payments, waiving late fees, etc. If you have been affected financially and need assistance with billing-related issues, please reach out to our customer service department either by email at or by phone at 972-964-8397. We are happy to help answer any questions and be of any assistance during this stressful time.

You have probably heard in the news that some carriers are now starting to implement premium “credits” or “refunds” due to lessened driving during COVID-19. Some of our carriers are participating in this. We are aware and they are often sending communication about this directly to you via email. If you have questions about these “credits” or “refunds”, please reach out to our office for further explanation and guidance. We are closely monitoring the situation and are happy to help explain what is going on in the marketplace.

We thank you for your continued business and hope that we can do our part to help make this difficult time as painless as possible.

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