Personal insurance clients are never required to pay Alpha Omega Insurance Agency directly. The client will pay his or her premium to the insurance company. The insurance company pays a commission to the agent after receiving payment from the client. Payments for commercial insurance may be paid differently from personal insurance.

Many factors may affect your insurance premiums, including claims you’ve filed recently or traffic violations that may have been placed on your driving record.  Sometimes rates go up for reasons out of your control as all insurance carriers are required by their shareholders to attempt to remain profitable.  Premiums go up for everyone in a region when it becomes apparent that the premiums were too low for a specific ZIP code or region and the number of claims (often due to factors like severe weather) causes the area to be grossly unprofitable.

In most cases, you can call your insurance company directly to file a claim. The customer service phone numbers are available on our Insurance Partners page. If you are not sure whether or not you should file a claim, or if you need assistance in the claims process, please call your Alpha Omega agent.

Alpha Omega Insurance Agency represents only highly-rated insurance companies, but sometimes clients have a bad experience with the company. If you’re not happy with the way your insurance company is handling your policy, please call your agent directly. We would be glad to speak to the insurance company on your behalf or help you select a different company.

An independent agent is an agent who represents multiple insurance companies.  Representing multiple companies allows the agent to compare the price & coverage of each carrier and help you select the best option to meet your individual needs.

Get to a safe place immediately. If anyone is hurt, call 911. If you believe the other driver was doing something illegal (drinking and driving, running a red light), call the police and file a police report. Exchange names, phone numbers, and insurance policy numbers with the other driver, if possible. When convenient, call your agent to discuss whether or not you need to file a claim.