Renewal Protection Plan

We verify that the insurance renewal being offered to you is the best option.
We Do The Work | Automatically Behind The Scenes | Each And Every Year

The unfortunate truth about Home and Auto insurance is this: What you pay almost always increases at renewal. There is a problem with this:

The standard renewal process leaves you wondering if the renewal being offered is best for you. But the problem is much deeper than the price.

Insurance is designed to financially replace things in the event of an accident or loss. And we live in a world where the cost to replace possessions goes up every day. As a result, the cost of insurance should increase from time to time. If it didn’t increase the insurance company may not be doing its job correctly.​

That said, as an independent insurance agency, we can evaluate your renewal offer against multiple insurance companies to determine if it is best for you. In price and in coverage. The coverage part is key for you and your family’s future.​

The world is constantly changing, and so is your life. You get more stuff or get rid of stuff. Your income or assets change. Your coverage needs change. So, your insurance may need adjustments.

If it doesn’t cover your needs, why have insurance? This is why we have created our Renewal Protection Plan. We make it easy for you to get your insurance needs protected, in price and in coverage, at renewal. The best part about this? You get this benefit automatically as an Alpha Omega customer.​

We do all the work, proactively behind the scenes each and every year, so you don’t have to deal with it.

Protection to the Price You Pay

We evaluate the price of your renewal to ensure it's still the best option for you and your family.

Protection to Your Insurance Needs

We proactively ask you questions to ensure your renewal meets your coverage needs.

Automatic Update on the Process

We will send you email and SMS notifications before, during, and after the renewal process.

Smooth Transitions if Needed

If switching to one of our other carriers is the best option, we make the transition process super simple and fast.

Confidence About Your Renewal

Sit back and relax knowing that you have a team of people working on your renewal each year.

Do you want more from your insurance agent?

Do you wonder if your insurance renewal is the best option? 

Are you given the opportunity to share how your life/needs have changed to ensure you have the proper insurance each year?

Do you want a proactive Agent so you can focus on your family & carrier?

Do you waste time on your insurance during renewal?

Does your Agent check the price of other options and compare it to the price being offered to you at renewal?

Do you want peace of mind knowing that you can have the best available insurance option?

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